We can't save them all, but we will save all that we can!

Happy Endings!

"SUKI" - When rescued, had horrible eye infections as she was suffering from Entropion (eyelids turned inward causing her eyelashes to rub her eye balls).  This is probably why she was homeless, because it is a very, very unsightly condition and surgery to correct can be expensive.  Thank you to a wonderful couple who, after hearing about this poor girl, committed to adopting her and making sure that she received her eye drops so that her eyes would heal cleanly and without complication after surgery.  She is now happy, comfortable and running with two other dogs on acres and acres of property where she can live safely throughout the rest of her years!
This little lady is now with her family!  She was so scared!!

"GUENTHER" - This poor, poor dog was brought into Animal Control by local Police and was so weak he could not stand up.  The "rule" is that an owner must be given a certain amount of time within which to claim their lost pet before it can be adopted or rescued.  After a day or so and adequate food and water, he gained enough strength to remain standing, but the workers at Animal Control could not stand the thought of this poor guy having to wait any longer to receive veterinary treatment.  He needed help and needed it fast.  That's when P.A.W.S. to the Rescue got the call.

When we got to the shed, we could see that this guy was extremely emaciated and suffered from an unsightly, unbearable skin condition.  His skin was raw, bleeding and severely infected.  Truthfully, P.A.W.S. got an emergency vet appointment for him and we were convinced that he was going to be put down.  He appeared extremely old, probably full of heartworms (among all others) and had mange.

Upon arrival, the vet examined him.  Heart and lungs were clear and his teeth were pearly white!  He was then given a heartworm check which came out negative!  Everyone was shocked that this guy was not only "healthy," but was very, very young!  Because it was a small town, it didn't take long to figure out who the owner was...a German Shorthair Pointer "backyard breeder."  After County Animal Control talked with several of the owner's neighbors, it was learned that all of the dogs suffered from Sarcoptic Mange.  It was rumored that all of the dogs had been tied to stakes and had been starved because it was too expensive to treat their conditions.  This little man was lucky...he broke free and was picked up by Police because he was running at large.  By the time this was learned, all of the dogs were gone.

Because P.A.W.S. to the Rescue and the vet decided to treat him, he was named "Guenther."  He spent approximately 2-1/2 months in isolation at the veterinary clinic while he recovered.  During that time, he gained an amazing 17 pounds!  Records were traced and it was learned that he was a mere 1-1/2 years young!

A family that lived about 75 miles from where he was rescued adopted him and will love him "fur-ever!"  He has two other dogs to play with, has a 6 foot privacy fence, a built-in swimming pool and even has his own swimming vest so that he doesn't get too tired while in the pool!  He is SO deserving of this "heaven!" 

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